Thursday, January 5, 2017

Learning from Picture Books – BEAUTIFUL

I'm excited to start off 2017 with this wonderful picture book that promotes diversity and positive self-image. As a teacher and as a mother, I'm always looking for books that show children, and especially girls, of different shapes, sizes and abilities, as confident and multi-talented. I recommended this book to my local library to purchase for their collection.
Summary from the Publisher:

Every girl is unique, talented, and lovable. . . .Every girl is BEAUTIFUL.
Much more than how one looks on the outside, true beauty is found in conquering challenges, showing kindness, and spreading contagious laughter. Beautiful girls are empowered and smart and strong!

BEAUTIFUL breaks barriers by showing girls free to be themselves: splashing in mud, conducting science experiments, and reading books under a flashlight with friends. This book will encourage all girls to embrace who they are and realize their endless potential.

Beautiful was written by Stacy McAnulty and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff. It was published in 2016 by Running Press Kids.


“Beautiful girls…have the perfect look.”

My Thoughts as a Writer:

The text is simple, celebrating different aspects of beauty for girls. The illustrations are the key to developing the underlying message that beauty is found in many different ways – showing girls as adventurers, scientists, and creators. This is a good text for studying how the text and illustrations work together.

My Thoughts as a Teacher:

I love the message that all girls are beautiful no matter how they dress or act, and that girls can do anything. I’d love to read this to my class to see how they react to it. The illustrations include confident girls with different skin colors and body types. It’s a good book for promoting self-acceptance. Every child’s library should include this book.

Ages: 3 - 7

Grades: PreK - 2

Themes: self-acceptance, diversity, beauty, empowerment


What does beautiful mean? Make a list of all the different ways of showing beauty.

Make a “beautiful” class book by having each student draw a picture of a friend (male or female) and write about what makes them beautiful.

Create a mirror template. Have each child draw a self-portrait inside the mirror that shows something awesome about themselves. Write an explanation or sentence about what makes them beautiful.


  1. Happy New Year! This sounds like a fantastic picture book for girls. I love the diversity and how it shows that girls can be beautiful no matter what.

  2. How funny, I just checked out this book a few days ago. I love the many ways beautiful girls are depicted. Beauty is so much more than what lies on the surface, and this book illustrates this well.

  3. Every little girl should read/own this book. I love this book and will be giving it as a gift often to the little girls I know. Great review!

  4. I loved this book when I read it.

  5. Great review, Andrea. It is a wonderful book.

  6. Sounds like a great book! I hadn't heard of it before, so I am glad to add it to my list. Thanks for sharing. :)


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