Monday, June 11, 2012

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: The Color of Bones

Today’s pick: The Color of Bones by Tracy Edward Wymer

First Pitch, 2012

From the publisher:

Twelve year-old Derby Shrewd lives in a divided town. Lights live on the Northside of the Line, Darks live on the Southside. Hillside has been that way ever since the Line appeared naturally from the ground, much like a spring welling up from deep inside the earth.

Now the Line controls the town, keeping Hillside separated, zapping those who come near it and killing those who dare cross it.
But when Derby, a Northsider, finds a pile of bones stacked on the Line, he sets out to uncover the person's identity. While doing so, he befriends a Southside girl and soon begins to challenge the Line and the town's rules. And then, before he can turn back, Derby goes too far.

My Take:

I found this e-book interesting. I liked the idea of the physical line that separated different groups of people, though I’d have liked the issues or reasons behind it to be brought out a little more. The characters and friendship between Derby and Zora drew me into the story. I think readers will enjoy the skull and bones, the baseball references and the mystery of what happened to the character of Russell Thornsberry. I found the ending a little abrupt and it left me feeling a little unsatisfied, but overall it was an interesting story.

Favourite quote:
“But heroes don’t cry, especially when they have heroic things to do, like stand up to their parents.”

For more, visit Tracy Edward Wymer`s website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this. It sounds interesting with the line dividing the town.

  2. this title is so compelling - will definitely check it out. i have so many books to read, it's starting to get scary!!

  3. I've heard about this book; it has such an intriguing premise. Thank you for sharing your take on it.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the great links!!!

  5. Thanks for the review and kind words. Much appreciated. Cheers!


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