Monday, March 30, 2020

One for Fun - Make Your Own Puzzle

Hope you are all managing okay, where ever you are! I came across this fun (and easy) activity today and thought I'd pass it along. 


1.Cut the front off of a cereal box or cracker box.

2. Cut the box front into pieces - 8 to 10 pieces for an easier puzzle, more for a harder puzzle. You can cut basic random shapes (triangles, rectangles) or shapes with trickier notches or angles. 

Variations: You can also use an old family photo glued onto thin cardboard or cardstock, or have your child draw a picture. Just wait until the glue is dry before trying to make your puzzle. 

Tip: Encourage your child to cut their own pieces so they can make a puzzle for you!

Area of Development: fine motor skill, problem-solving, mathematical thinking 


Cereal Box Puzzles:

Other Puzzle Ideas:

Thanks also to educator Deanna Pecaski McLennan, author of Spring Math Walk and an FDK educator in Southern Ontario, for the idea.

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