Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 3: Fun Ideas for Bored Kids & Overwhelmed Parents - Math with LEGO® Bricks

Although people often think of worksheets when they think of math, there are lots of fun games and hands on activities to try with young children.

Some ideas for using LEGO® bricks to build math skills in a fun way:

Measuring: Build a measuring stick of 10 or 20 LEGO® bricks. Search around your house or yard for things that are taller or shorter than your measuring stick. Can you find something exactly the same length?

Patterning:  Use your LEGO® to create patterns. You can make patterns with colours, different sized bricks, different brick many ways to try it! Challenge other people in your family to create patterns too!

Addition game: Play a tower (or other structure) building game with your family members. Roll one or two dice to see how many pieces to add. Keep going until you reach 25 (or other agreed upon number). You can also play this as a subtraction game, by starting with a tower (or structure) of 25 pieces and taking away bricks, to see who can completely lose their structure first.

Area of Development: mathematics behaviours, measuring, comparing, counting, patterning, problem solving

More LEGO® math ideas for kindergarten and preschool:

Wondering why I'm posting math activities on my reading & writing blog? Read my post here to find out. 

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