Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My 2018 Year in Middle Grade Novels

It was so much fun compiling this summary and remembering these wonderful books! Goodreads says I read at least 34 middle grade novels books in 2018. I say "at least" because I'm sure there are some gems I've forgotten to record. Here are the ones I featured on my blog (clicking on the cover will take you to the review):

When a character who feels forced to do things they might not want to do, it spells trouble. There are lots of funny moments in this story as Pixie struggles with fitting in at school and with her friends, while trying to keep her role in the party business under wraps.reviewed at That's Another Story by Andrea L Mack - full and rich story of the developing friendship between a diverse group of kidsThere are lots of tense moments in this story! I was intrigued by the idea that language is limited and some words were forbidden. I loved the writing style and the detail in this story.  It was so interesting to think about issues of censorship and the role of language in our lives.

Reviewed by Andrea L. Mack as an absorbing read about family history, identity, and lovea review of a middle grade novel about a girl with social anxiety who learns to speak up


  1. Great seeing what you read. Not read any of them. Definitely want to read The Front Desk soon. Happy New Year!

    1. Front Desk is really good! Happy New Year to you as well!


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