Friday, June 12, 2015

Learning From Picture Books - By Mouse and Frog

I've seen this book featured a few times on other blogs, so I decided I had to read it for myself. I'm really glad I did! This would be a great addition to a classroom or school library collection.

Deborah FreedmanHere’s the summary from Amazon:

A spritely read-aloud about the challenges—and joys—of collaboration.

Fastidious Mouse has one idea about how to tell a story. Free-spirited Frog has another. What happens when Frog crashes into Mouse's story with some wild ideas? Chaos!...followed by the discovery that working together means being willing to compromise—and that listening to one another can lead to the most beautiful stories of all.

In her best book yet, the visionary creator of Blue Chicken and The Story of Fish and Snail has crafted another subtle, clever book-about-books that's also a delightfully entertaining story featuring adorable characters who will win readers' hearts.

By Mouse and Frog by Deborah Freedman was published by Viking, an imprint of Penguin Group, in 2015.

My thoughts as a writer:

This is a good picture book for studying characterization. The personalities of Frog and Mouse are so clear, right from the beginning. I liked how the illustrator played with the “real” and “imagined” to create images that are lively and full of fun.

My thoughts as a teacher:

I am going to read this book to my kindergarten students to show them about cooperation! I really liked the subtle way Frog changes and starts asking Mouse about what they should do. A great discussion point for students.

Themes: cooperation, friendship, story writing

Ages: 4 – 8

Grades: K - 3

Follow-Up Activities:

- work with a partner to draw and write your own story
- talk about beginning, middle and ending of a story
- discuss the ways that Frog and Mouse's friendship changes through the story
- make frog and mouse puppets to act out the story

If you're looking for more great picture books to read to your class or to investigate as a writer, consider checking out the list of Perfect Picture Books, put together by author Susanna Leonard Hill.


  1. What a great book cover -- draws you to the story right away. Love the theme of cooperation and teamwork, which are important for kids to learn. This is a great classroom book and I like how you will use it with kids.

  2. Cool! I'm currently writing a nonfiction book about two artists collaborating. Will take a look at this to see how it's done in a fictional way. Thanks for highlighting!

  3. Collaboration is HARD! Even for adults. I'm interested to read this book. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I love books about collaboration and differences. They are relevant right up into adulthood!

  5. I love Deb's books - definitely looking for this one. Must Read it Now!

  6. Quite a few of Deborah's books on PPBF. I'll have to get a look at this one. Thanks.


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