Friday, June 10, 2011

What I Want To (Write) Do This Summer

Over at Writing While the Rice Boils, Debbie Maxwell Allen asked about summer writing goals, prompting me to think about mine. Lately, I've been immersed in my job and family, letting my writing drift a little. So, this seems like a good time to think about what I want to accomplish this summer and get myself back on track.

1. Finish revising The Grand Chef's Apprentice. For those of you following my blog, yeah, this is the book I've affectionately referred to as Novel #4. I've finally decided on a title! I know, it's taken me so long that it should be a cause for celebration.

2. Test the recipes to include in my novel. Yum...this sounds like fun! Maybe I'll do this first.

3. Begin querying The Grand Chef's Apprentice. I even have a query letter written, thanks to my awesome critique buddies.

4. Begin my new project. I even wrote a plan for it, back in March, when I thought I might have time to get started.

If I got these four things done this summer, I'd be happy, and anything else would be icing! Do you have any summer goals?


  1. My goal is to finish the revisions on Fights Like a Girl, also known to my kids as "That book Mom is STILL isn't done writing!" (You gotta remember to do the eye roll when you say that, too.) And send it out to two agents who expressed an interest.

    I'd also like to start a new book, which I'm totally thinking of calling Novel #4. (Just kidding... or maybe not.... hmmm. :-) )

  2. Thanks for the mention, Andrea! You've got some great goals. Best of luck with the querying!


  3. Congrats on finding a title, they can be so hard. And am jealous that you have recipes in your novel to test, that sounds like a lot of fun :) Good luck with your querying!

    My goal is to get stuck into my new WIP. Oh and, uh, to find an agent :D (I'm querying) - but that's not so much in my control.

    Girl Friday


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