Monday, June 6, 2011

The Awesome Power of Words

Today I heard Laurie Halse Anderson's poem "Listen", which incorporates reader responses to her novel Speak. If you haven't seen this, go check it out (when you get to the link, scroll down to her YouTube video).

It's inspiring how written words can mean so much. I just sat in silence for a long time afterward, feeling awestruck by the power of her words.


  1. I had the privilege of hearing Laurie Halse Anderson speak on a panel at Empire State Book Festival. She's amazing! I love her books!

  2. I saw the text for it - it is amazing; it inspired me to buy Speak, which is now one of my top 5 YA books. Esp. poignant subject right now with #YAsaves and the controversy brought up the Wall Street Journal's nasty article.

  3. I love that poem. I just watched the video again that she embedded in her blog post response to the WSJ article.

    SPEAK should be required reading for teens.

  4. Karen, I think Speak might be required reading for teens in some places.

    Lucky you, Susanna!


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