Friday, June 17, 2011

It Makes Me Smile

I'm a pretty positive person. While I do talk through my worries (and agonize for hours), I usually prefer to focus on the good things in my life. These are often small things, not anything I'd consider "awesome", but just parts of life that I want to appreciate that gave me a little boost. I thought other people might appreciate them too, so from time to time I'm going to post a few.

1. Coming home from work and finding my daughter absorbed in reading a book instead of playing Plants vs. Zombies.

2. Watching the thieving bunny that has been nibbling on my pea plants and noticing how beautiful she is (I didn't have the heart to open the door and scare her away).

3. Kind words from some fellow bloggers (see Carmella's post on Traditions at MiG Writers, Christina's post called The Brilliant Ones at Chocolate for Inspiration, and Debbie Maxwell Allen re-posting my thoughts on first drafts at Writing While the Rice Boils)

4. Sitting on my patio after dinner, without needing a sweater, enjoying a lovely quiet evening with no neighbours playing loud music or cutting grass (they were all watching the hockey game, maybe).

5. Going to the store to grab a few last plants for my pots and finding they were on sale, 2 for 1.

What made you smile this week?


  1. I love evening in the summer! It's the best time.

  2. I got to go on a bareback trail ride with my daughter :)

  3. Having a fox trot within 10 feet of me and then when he noticed me, he didn't get spooked. He just went around and on his merry way. =o)

  4. The peace and quiet in my house *right at this moment* as I think about my next section of revisions and try to decide where to hang my new painting that I got a local art fair.

    Pausing at the top of a roller coaster and looking over to my left to see a gorgeous Lake Erie shoreline.

    Catching sight of the summer's first firefly.

    The shimmery silver nail polish my daughter found and I'm going to use.

  5. My three-year-old told me a bedtime story, "The Three Little Pigs." In the end of his version the wolf ate all the pigs. I was laughing so hard I didn't correct him.

  6. It's nice to meet a blogger close to home. Best wishes from Yorkville.

  7. It's great to think about and appreciate these moments, isn't it?

    Emily, your comment makes me miss my daughters (tween and teen) when they were small. They are so cute! [Maybe that's why I like teaching kindergarten.]

    Hi Giora, welcome! I hope your project goes well.

    B.E., nature moments always steal my heart. Yesterday, the bunny brought her 3 or 4 little ones to my garden. They were so tiny!

    Car, you've got the gift for language! You make me want to run out and find that nail polish.

  8. My project is done with the writing. But the process of queries and getting published is very difficult. I see that you published many books already. On Sunday there is the Small Press books event at U of T. Best wishes.

  9. Love this. 2 for 1 is always fabulous when you're not expecting it. Like finding twenty dollars in an old pair of jeans or eating popsicles on the porch with my kids.

  10. Coming home and seeing my kids reading would definitely make me smile that and the dishes being done. What did make me smile was watching my two boys play basketball together.

  11. Thank you for stopping by my Middle Grade Mafiosso blog this morning, Andrea.

    You have an interesting blog here, and I am happy to be your 100th follower!


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