Monday, February 7, 2011

Writing Exercises

The title isn't referring to physical fitness, though I think that I could do more of that to improve my writing too. [A recent article in the Globe and Mail reminds me that staying active boosts the brain.]

It's about getting back to basics and well, just writing. A long time ago, I was advised to sit down and write for a few minutes every day, without taking my pen from the paper. About anything. It's been a long time since I've done that. I get caught up in novel editing, fussing with my plot, critiquing other people's writing, or working on blog posts. I forget that what my writing needs is some freedom to meander and go where it takes me. Not following a plot outline. Not fitting in to what I need for my novel. Not worrying about whether I can use it later.

Five minutes a day of writing play can easily fit into my schedule. So, I'm going to start. Today.

How about you. Do you ever just play with words or free write?


  1. That's the premise of Julia Cameron's morning pages, from the Artist's Way. It's a wonderful practice. I think I need to get back to it, too :)

  2. Not really, my free writing suspiciously looks like the next paragraph in my novel.

  3. *grin* Free writing is how I write. I've tried plotting, but it's never worked for me. Free writing lets me feel the joy of just being in the story. :D

  4. I did writing exercises for my first time at the conference and OMG! I was awful. It was really hard for me to write about random things that I didn't have a specific purpose to. I guess I am maybe a little too focused and driven!


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