Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Improve Your Writing

I'm always thinking about ways to improve my writing process. I want to write better stories faster. The whole process is so slow, and I keep thinking I can do something to speed it up (probably not possible, but I try).

The more I think about it though, the more it comes down to one thing. How much time do I spend writing or even thinking about my project? Not very much, lately. Improving my writing process and skills really mean nothing if I'm not spending time writing. (And that does not include blog posts.)

So, today, I encourage you to sit down in front of your computer and just start writing. It might turn out to be garbage, but at least you're writing something. It's weird to have to spell out something that's obvious, but I seem to need the reminder:  writers write.


  1. don't be hard on yourself. Sometimes life gets in the way. Only you'll know if it's true procrastination or not!

  2. Thanks for the reminder--I needed a little kick in the booty today--I've been slacking :)

  3. I agree with Laura. Sometimes stories just come in their own time. But at least you are thinking about your story and the subconscious is churning away in the background.

    You should join me in my Operation 50/50 for the next 7 weeks! :)

  4. You're correct! Writers, write. That's is why I plant my self in a chair each night and commence with the Nike slogan. I just do it.

  5. Karen and Laura,I hope my subconscious is working on it, because I haven't been! Karen, I'd love to say I could join you, but I have some freelance writing work thats taking up my non-teaching time lately. I'm trying to squeeze in my revisions when I have a spare hour or two.

    Jess, I needed to kick myself, too!

    Tana, I wonder if I sit in my chair long enough, I'll get bored and actually write something.

  6. Oh man, Andrea, lol. Some good good advice. I thought I was read my own words in that first paragraph! Thanks for sharing.


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