Friday, February 11, 2011

Awesome Things About Writing

I've recently discovered The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha (I know, I'm slow to catch on to these things) which celebrates the little things that really made up the fabric of life. We think it's the big things (okay, they are pretty great) but the small stuff counts too. The same is true for writing, so here are a few awesome things about writing:

1. Getting an extra few minutes to work on your project.

2. Having a critique buddy give you a positive comment.

3. Coming up with just the right word.

4. Seeing a blank page, waiting to be filled.

5. Finally thinking up a title that works.

What are your awesome things about writing?

Link:  1000 Awesome Things blog


  1. 1. Loving my character and story even during the rewrites.
    2. Hope for the future.
    3. Enjoying the present.
    4. Meeting other writers.
    5. pressing publish for a blog post. :)

  2. What a fun exercise! I'd agree with the things you and Laura listed. And I'd add: That feeling of going back to a project after a break and realizing, hey I still like this!

  3. Rewriting a sentence/paragraph/scene and knowing it's much better now!

  4. Arrghh, 'Seeing a blank page, waiting to be filled' just brings me out in a cold sweat LOL.

    I think rewriting makes me smile most, as Elle said, and seeing how much better something is now. And I agree with meeting other writers, just been meeting some recently and they are all SO nice! Also - having a brainwave and realising where your plot should go next - especially when my characters just kind of do it be themselves :)

  5. I like the moments (and maybe this counts as a big thing because, at least for me they don't happen very often!) when the words seems to flow so easily, and you know exactly what you want to say and the story just flows!

  6. I love digging up a ms that has "sat in the drawer" (or in my case a box in the garage) for a long time, reading it again & still liking it!

  7. Great post. My awesome: plotting, creating tension, getting the story and characters out of my head, and the sound of the keyboard in the heat of writing the story.

  8. Yes, yes, and yes!

    Great ideas, Laura!

    Anna, that's a good one. Sometimes all a break does is make you realize how much work something when it doesn't, it's worth celebrating!

    Elle, that's one of the best things about re-writing for me.

    Girl Friday, it's so cool when characters lead the way.

    Susanna, I really love those moments when things just flow (and wish they happened more often).

    Angela, I love some of my drawer manuscripts too.

    Brooke, I like how you used sound. Good way to appeal to all the senses...very writerly!


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