Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Good News

When a writing buddy gets good news, my first reaction is to scream up and down along with them. Writing is hard and it's important to celebrate those moments! Since I've been with my writing buddies for a long time now, we're more than crit partners, we're friends. I'm genuinely happy when one of them gets news that brings them closer to reaching the big goal of getting published.

I've seen other blog posts about feeling a little jealous or feeling left behind when a buddy has some success. I wouldn't be human if I didn't admit I feel a pinch of something like that when I hear their good news. But it quickly turns into admiration for what that individual has done to achieve their goal. It makes me think, hey, what else could I be doing? She's really great at promoting her work. Or systematic about sending out queries. Or building connections with agents. Or investing in her writing by going to conferences. Maybe I can try that too.

So, yay! Let's cheer for all the good news out there in the writing world. It's a huge reminder that we can do it too.


  1. Oh I agree. I jump up and down with my buddies when they get what they have worked so hard for. I'll be honest though, it is difficult sometimes to put your own heart aside and celebrate when someone else gets the exact thing that you also have worked hard for. BUT that said, I do put my heart aside. My writing friends are fantastic and I am always happy for their success.

  2. I've been living vicariously through successful friends and hoping I can learn something from what they've done. Sure, there's always a tiny bit of envy, but I also know my work's not quite there, yet. In the meantime, I'll celebrate with others.

  3. So true. I'm genuinely happy for my writing buddies when they get good news. But it's hard not to feel a tiny bit like "What about me? When's my turn?" When that happens, I try to remind myself that I'm not privy to all that went into that success. I guess it's kind of like being a black belt. I imagine people look at me and only see the belt. They don't think about the YEARS of training, bruises, injuries and physical therapy sessions, dragging myself to class when I didn't want to go or it when it wasn't convenient, and all the self-doubt and mental anguish.

    Writing is never as easy as it looks. And neither is success.

  4. Car, I love your comparison to getting a belt. It's true that writers put years of "behind the scenes" work into their craft, not to mention all the psychological anguish.

    Alison, you sound very realistic about your work. I try to be too. One of the biggest things I hear from agents about their heaps of subs is that most of the writers just aren't ready yet.

    Tabitha, it's always fun to celebrate something, no matter who its for. Makes life and the endless loop of writing/submitting much more fun!

  5. I'm a junkie for other writers' good news, even if i don't know them LOL. It puts a smile on my face and allows me to dream. I love all those 'Squeee! I just got an agent!!' posts :)

  6. I would much rather hear an endless stream of happy news, than the sad news of rejections that are much more common (that's just how it rolls). Helps me keep my spirits up. :)

  7. Looks like we were on similar pages this last week. :) Good post!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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