Monday, May 13, 2013

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller

Today’s Pick: How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller by Julia DeVillers

Published by Puffin Books, 2004

From the Publisher:

Formerly ordinary fourteen-year-old Jamie Bartlett isn't so ordinary anymore. Ever since she wrote a story about Isabella (aka IS), the stereotype-defying, popular-girl-crushing super teen, Jamie's life hasn't been the same. Suddenly she's doing interviews and book signings, flying to L.A. to hang out with celebrities, and dating Marco Vega, the hottest guy in school! But will all of this attention go to Jamie's head? Or will she take a lesson from IS and remember that there's more to life than popularity?

Show less My Take:
Another book I really enjoyed! The character of Jameson is what drew me into the story and kept me hooked. Reading this book was almost like hanging out with a really good friend. I could relate to Jamie’s ups and downs and dream of becoming a “famous writer”. And I could relate to all the times she did or said something embarrassing. This was a fun read.

From a writing perspective, I’d definitely read this again to study how the author created the voice of the character. 

Favourite Quotes:

“When you’re popular, you don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks of you. Because you know they think you’re cool, right?”

“I journal almost every day. And that’s the kind of writing I love to do. When it’s for myself.”

Other Info:

Julia DeVillers has an identical twin sister, Jennifer Roy, who is also a writer. They collaborate together on a book series featuring identical twins.
How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller was made into a Disney Channel Original movie in 2006, called Read It and Weep.

This book was inspired by a list Julia DeVillers made in high school. It included things she wanted to do when she was older, like "be published", "have a really cute boyfriend", and “help the world”.

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For more info, visit the website for the book  or check out Julia DeVillers facebook page



  1. Sounds like a fun read. The title is really catchy.

  2. What a neat story twist! Sounds like great one.

  3. I hadn't heard of this book, but it sounds fun!

  4. Fabulous hook of a title! Makes me want to know why right away!

  5. The title is a real draw. This sounds like a fun read.


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