Sunday, January 27, 2013

Take Fifteen for Some Reading Fun!

Today is Family Literacy Day!!

"Family Literacy Day is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family." (from the  Family Literacy Day website).

The idea is that taking even just 15 minutes a day to spend time together reading or another literacy activity can help improve a child's literacy skills.

There are events planned all over Canada to celebrate.

I love the idea of celebrating reading, so I'm going to break out a new book and dive in! (But I'm sure I'll be reading for longer than 15 minutes). It would be cool to get everyone in my family reading at the same time.

I'm also likely going to be playing some board games with my teenagers (another fun literacy activity).


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