Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Blitz!

On Mondays, I usually have a Marvelous Middle Grade Monday post, but not this week. Today I'm participating in Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi's Random Act of Kindness!

A smile. An encouraging word. A thoughtful gesture. Each day people interact with us, help, and make our day a bit brighter and full. This is especially true in the Writing Community

Take a second to think about writers you know, like the critique partner who works with you to improve your manuscript. The writing friend who listens, supports and keeps you strong when times are tough. The author who generously offers council, advice and inspiration when asked.

So many people take the time to make us feel special, don't they? They comment on our blogs, re-tweet our posts, chat with us on forums and wish us Happy Birthday on Facebook.

Kindness ROCKS!

To commemorate the release of their book The Emotion Thesaurus, Becca and Angela at The Bookshelf Muse are hosting a TITANIC Random Act Of Kindness BLITZ. And because I think KINDNESS is contagious, I'm participating too!

 I am picking Marcia Hoehne, who has been one of the followers of my blog from the very beginning. On her own blog, she has thoughtful posts about writing, book reviews and she even holds contests for free critiques! Just so you know, her critiques are excellent. Marcia, for my RAOK gift, I'm sending you an Amazon gift card! 

I really appreciate Marcia, who blogs  at Marcia Hoehne ( If you have a minute, please stop in and tell her how awesome she is!

Do you know someone special that you'd like to randomly acknowledge? Don't be shy--come join us and celebrate! Send them an email, give them a shout out, or show your appreciation in another way. Kindness makes the world go round. :)

Becca and Angela have a special RAOK gift waiting for you as well, so hop on over to The Bookshelf Muse to pick it up.

Have you ever participated in or been the recipient of a Random Act Of Kindness?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Awesome that you picked one of your first followers Andrea.

  2. I'm loving this event. I get to visit blogs I didn't know about. :D

  3. I adore Marcia too (as well as this celebration of kindness event!). Her blog and the comments she leaves on other blogs are insightful and encouraging.

  4. I love Marcia! She is a great choice--so happy to see her honored. :)

    Thanks so much for joining in with us! This has been a great day, reading all these stories about the people who have made a difference. :)


  5. Yay for Marcia! I'm loving RAOK day! :)

  6. Thanks for introducing Marcia! I'm following her blog now. :)

  7. Holy cow! *blushes* How come every time I try to be a good girl and stay offline for a day, cool stuff happens????? :)))))

    Thank you SO much, Andrea. The writing community is the BEST part of blogging.

    I'm going to check out RAOK yet today. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to Marcia, Andrea. This ROAK event has been great fun!

  9. Yay for Marcia from me too! I love meeting new writers and finding new blogs. Will for sure head over to hers.

  10. Awwe, Marcia sounds completely awesome!!

  11. This is such a great way to celebrate a book release! I love meeting writing buddies online.

  12. I love my original commenters, they're like online family. Great RAOK pick!

  13. Awesome! I'm loving all these RAOK posts - Angela & Becca have started an avalanche of kindness - fabulous!


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