Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Critique Group Benefits

Do you have an awesome writing group? If you don't, I hope you get a chance one day to find one.

My writing buddies do so much more than give feedback on my writing. They are great at questioning character motives, finding places where my writing is confusing and ferreting out those sections where what my character is doing just doesn't fit with the story. But they also encourage and support me when I'm feeling down about my writing. (And let's be honest, sometimes writing can drag you down when something is not working, when life events interfere or when you don't get the response you were hoping for.)

I feel so lucky to have not only a family that supports me, but also this circle of writers, who really understand what it is like.

Who supports you in your writing?

And speaking of supporting each other, over at MiG Writers, we're still hoping to reach 60 comments to support the MAGIC (Major Aspects of Growth in Children) Foundation. Please check out our post and consider commenting. You'll have a chance to win a free book (and with so many books up for grabs your odds are pretty good).


  1. The best part of a crit group is talking shop and bouncing idea off each other. Great crits of course are good too!

  2. I've never had the supportive critique group. I did join a writer's group a long time ago in another universe (they show up in my new novel, good thing none of them will be reading it LOL). But I'm fortunate to have a very supportive and talented family who can give me spot on editorial advice.

  3. Right now I'm groupless -- give me a hug -- LOL. Critique groups, a good one that is, is so great and supportive.

    I hope to get back into one next year.

  4. I have a very supportive group, although I'm not sure how much we get accomplished on a month-to-month basis :)

  5. Yes, isn't it great when they find the stuff that's confusing???? Achieving clarity is such a big step forward.

    Marcia Hoehne

  6. Marcia, you made me laugh! That is so important. Sometimes, my novels can be a real muddle until the 3rd or 4th poor critique buddies!


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