Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks, Dad

Father's Day has been a little sad for me for the past ten years, because my father is no longer with us. I wish he was, because I see in myself a lot of his determination and persistence, and I'd like to think he'd appreciate those qualities in me.

My father always encouraged me to think about the quality of my life. It's bittersweet that the end of his life is what really propelled me to think about what I wanted out of my own. When I feel down or discouraged about my writing, I think about Dad and how his life was cut short, and it inspires me to continue to work towards my dream.


  1. This is very moving--beautiful to see how our loved ones' presence lives on through lessons, influence, memory, and above all, the love we've received. Of all the father's day posts I've read today, this may have been the most moving, in its understated way. Thanks for posting!

  2. Your kind words are appreciated, Samuel.


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