Friday, October 28, 2022

3 in 3 (and tea!) Episode 3 - 3 books by Canadian creators

Welcome to another episode of 3 in 3 (and tea) with Debbie Ridpath Ohi and me, where we feature 3 children’s books by Canadian authors and/or illustrators and share a few tips and resources for using them in the classroom. 

In Episode 3, we explore a picture book and a middle grade novel with connections to family relationships, and a colourful bonus picture book! (If you want to catch up on other episodes, you can find them on Debbie's 3 in 3 playlist -- or click here: Episode 1 & Episode 2). After you watch the video, click on the titles or book covers below to find out more about the books and a few teaching ideas. 

Picture Book:

Grandmother and girl walking on beach towards water

 In this dual-language picture book, a young child and their grandmother experience the seasons through nature. The poetic language and detailed illustrations make this a wonderful story to inspire children to write and draw.

Learn about the book creators:

Author: Brittany Luby 🍁

Illustrator: Joshua MangeshigPawis-Steckley 🍁

Translator:  Alvin Ted Corbiere.

Visit the publisher:

House of Anansi Press/Groundwood Books 

Activities & resources here.

Middle Grade:

Girl and her duck sitting outside in nature
 Like a Duck by Deborah Kerbel

 Summary: In the middle grade novel, Like a Duck, Sarah, a girl who has a registered therapy animal, Webster, to help her copie with stressful situations, is forced to go to a French-themed cooking camp where her duck isn't wanted. A quirky and fun story with lots of heart.

Visit the author online:

Deborah Kerbel 🍁  

Visit the publisher:

Scholastic Canada


Activities & resources here.


Bonus Picture Book:

In Raindrops to Rainbow, a girl experiences different emotions on a day that starts out rainy. A fun rhyming story that features different colour words and shows the colours in a rainbow.

Visit the author and illustrator online:

John Miklos Jr.

Charlene Chua 🍁 

Visit the Publisher

Penguin Random House 

Activities & resources here.


**Find out more about Canadian author/illustrator Debbie Ohi by visiting her website.

**Thanks to The Faithful Sidekicks for writing and performing our theme song! You can learn more about them at their website

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