Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Picture Books Are Important

I really enjoyed the blog series Why Picture Books Are Important over at Picture Book MonthEvery day in November, there was a new post from a picture book champion with key reasons why we need to read picture books. For example:

Author April Pulley Sayre:  A picture book can refresh you, teach you, comfort you, and help you set sail into real life with inspiration.”
Author and illustrator Steve Jenkins: “…picture books nurture the imagination and help a child make sense of the way the world works and the way other people live.”

Author Heidi Stemple: “As children grow and learn to read aloud and then on their own, the love of story they learned from picture books follows them.”
Author/illustrator Rosemary Wells: “[Picture books] create a huge opportunity for parents to share golden talk time with their kids. Nothing on a screen can do this.”

Author Wendy Silvano: "There isn’t a time that can’t be made better by reading a picture book… at any age."

Now that my children are past the "picture book stage" I really miss that time we had cuddling up together to share a good book. Luckily, as a kindergarten teacher, I still get to share great picture books with my students. It's so wonderful to hear the connections they make to the stories and their suggestions for what might happen next or a different ending.
When was the last time you read a picture book? What are some of your favourites?

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  1. I get to read them occasionally to my grandchildren now. But I tend to keep reaching for old favorites like Frances the Badger. She is the best!


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