Monday, August 5, 2013

Simcoe Day Fun

Today is a holiday - it's called Simcoe Day here in the Toronto area, in honour of John Graves Simcoe, who founded Upper Canada which later became Toronto. In other places in Canada, the holiday might be called the Civic Holiday or "that holiday at the beginning of August". Whatever it's name is, who would pass up a chance to celebrate?

We're going to eat blueberry pie and do something fun, so no Marvelous Middle Grade Monday today (though I might sneak in a little writing later). To see what I've been reading lately, check out my 100 Book Challenge for 2013.

I'm also always open to suggestions for great middle grade and YA books to read, so if you've read something good lately, please do share!


  1. Enjoy the day! I love hearing about Canadian holidays because I really don't know much Canadian history other than the French voyageurs who ventured into Minnesota for the fur trade.

  2. That sounds like fun! Hope you enjoyed your holiday! Have a piece of leftover blueberry pie for me, will you? Provided there are leftovers. :-D


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