Friday, December 14, 2012

So Writers Sit Around in Their Pajamas...

Today is Pajama Day at school for some lucky people in my household. Kids are always so excited about wearing pajamas to school - from kindergarteners all the way up. Is it because it's so much more comfortable or because of the thrill of dressing in a way that you don't usually dress? [When I pose this question to my daughter in grade eight, she gives me a typical teen response, "I don't know" accompanied by a shrug.]

The idea of Pajama Day makes me think of that image some people have of writers, sitting around in their pajamas all day drinking coffee (or something stronger), while they scribble out their latest bestselling novel, which will, of course, be immediately snapped up by a publisher.

It's a nice dream anyway.

The reality of my writing life is that by the time I put on my pajamas, my brain is too numb to do anything so I sit like a blob in front of the TV, berating myself for only getting less than 500 words written in small bit of time I had between driving the kids to school and preparing to go to work.

But I think that over the holidays, I'll have a true Pajama Day, where all I do is wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate and curl up with a good book and my writing notebook by my side.


  1. The more time goes by, the more time I really do spend in pajamas. And winter is coming, the biggest PJ season of the year!

  2. I feel the exact same way! And my writing sounds about the same. I'm really hoping to get some serious time spent on writing and reading during my week and a half vacation. It starts on Thursday. Can't wait! :)


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