Friday, July 6, 2012

Cool Blog Quote: Add Originality To Your Writing

“Those other things that make us tick bring enriching and unexpected insights and originality to our writing. Don't neglect them because you should be writing.”

Since I'm not working at my day job for a couple of months, it's tempting to spend more time than I usually do on writing. I can sit in front of my computer for hours perfecting a paragraph because I have the time. Except I don't know how much that really helps my writing. It's more like an obsession.
Three times yesterday I had to grab my notebook when I wasn't writing, once because I had an idea that linked up with a story I'd started a while back, and two other times because I had ideas for the novel I'm revising and what I need for the next scene. I'm not sure I'd have gotten those ideas if I was still sitting at my desk, concentrating on perfecting every word.
I love learning new things, but they can't all be about writing. It's interesting how, when I'm learning about something like cooking or gardening, it opens up my mind to new ideas and that often gives my writing a boost.
So this summer, I'm going to make sure I take time for some of the other things I like to do -- playing board games, working on my gardening, trying out recipes (this week I made raspberry-rhubarb pie), or going on nature walks to explore places I haven't been.
I do think it helps to keep the creativity flowing if I do some writing every day. But for me, it's also important to remember to get away from my desk and do some living.
Do you ever have to drag yourself away from your writing? What are you going to do for yourself this summer that doesn't involve writing?


  1. I think you're absolutely right~ I often have plot elements or bits of dialogue come to me at the strangest of times--times when I'm definitely not focused on writing. I try to never sit down without an idea of the scene I'm going to write. Otherwise, it's blank-page-City for me :)

  2. agreed that being out in the world inspires creativity a whole bunch!

  3. You should definitely do other things in addition to your writing.

    I was off this week and I only dedicated about 2-4 hours. After that, I was drained.

    Other than writing, I'm reading lots of non-fiction -- mostly science and nature. I also plan to do some home decor shopping for the house too. :)

  4. I love to collect quotes and Debbie's is a great one--and so true. I was on a short trip recently, going by bus, enjoying the scenery when a great idea for my current WIP popped in my head. I marveled at how it seemed to just strike out of the blue. But then I was, like you say, away from my desk and doing some living! (I like that quote of yours, too, btw... :-)

  5. Great quote! I love reading almost as much as I love writing, yet if I'm not careful, I'll write instead of read even after I've written all day. We do need time for the other things we love!

  6. I'm obsessed with writing. Well, more like obsessed with working on my novels. I have a hard time dragging myself away from them.

    I've been painting the fence. But that's more due to necessity than because I want to.

  7. Yeah, there are times when you like to wean yourself away from the desk. but when creativity strikes, there is no stopping you. Actually, taking some time off is better for your creative juices to flow.


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