Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Awesome Thing About Writing

Here's another awesome thing about writing:

Cheering for a writing buddy who got some great news.

This week, my writing buddy Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Inkygirl) found out that her debut book as an illustrator, I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black, got a starred review from Publisher's Weekly!!!! Yay!!! To read more about it, check out Debbie's post.

Also this week, I came across an amazing video by Denise Jaden, author of Never Enough. She asked some writers talk about how they felt during their high school years. I connected with it right away, and it made me wish all teens could watch it and think about what makes them special or what they are good at, despite what anyone else has to say.


  1. Oh man, I think everyone needs to see that video. So true:)

  2. I heard aboutDebbie's news. Iam so excited at all the wonderful things happening for her.

    And I am such a Denise fan! I will have to come back to watch this later since hubs fell asleep next to me, lol.


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