Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Middle Grade Agent News

1)  Over at MiG Writers, my writing buddies have been cooking up something really cool. Next week is agent week!!!!

We're hosting interviews with four agents that rep middle grade and YA, asking them some tough questions about the market, misconceptions, and what they are looking for in submissions and in their clients. For more, check out Meet Our Agents over at MiG Writers.

2) Earlier this week, D'Arcy Pattison of Fiction Notes posted about the Top 20 Agents for Middle Grade Fiction, based on self-reported statistics at Publisher's Marketplace. Although this information must be considered carefully (not all sales are reported on Publisher's Marketplace, for example), it may give you an idea of which agents are selling middle grade fiction to publishers.


  1. Wow! I started following that blog. Can't wait for the interviews. And I saw Darcy's post too. I'll shout out about it on my blog on Monday for you.

  2. I write YA so I didn't read Darcy's post. Can't wait to read the agent interviews. :D

  3. Thanks for the links--I'll check them out!



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