Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Stories Are Always With You

I’m reading the middle grade novel Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby and yesterday I was struck by this line:

“I realize that every story I have ever heard is a part of me, deeply rooted, whispering behind my thoughts.”

The writing is beautiful. It makes me wish I could write so well. But beyond that, it makes me think about books I’ve read in my life and how my favourite books are always there with me.

I’ve posted about one of them over at MiG Writers today.


  1. ooh, that's nice. I'm going to check out that book.

  2. So true! Even books I read as a little kid still come echoing back to me, especially when I write.

  3. Love this quote Andrea. Thanks for sharing. :)

    P.S., You probably *already* write well. You just need to share it with the world!

  4. I'm running into more and more wonderful books, and hearing about them, everywhere. I think I could die happy in an avalanche of books. :)


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