Friday, November 18, 2011

Cool Blog Quote: Interactive Reading

The process of reading (whether the book is digital or paper) is interactive. As we read, we make guesses and draw conclusions, work out implications and connect what we already know to what we're reading. One of the things I watch out for when I'm writing is to not over-explain or over-describe, so the reader has some space to bring their own experiences to the story.

Earlier this week, Patricia C.Wrede, author of The Thirteenth Child, discussed how you can make a strong impact in your writing by allowing the reader to fill in some of the missing details:

"...if the writer provides a few of the right visual details, plus some sounds, smells, and sensations, plus the viewpoint character’s reaction, the reader will generally fill in what’s missing with his/her own details…and the resulting image will be more powerful because it’s tailored to fit each reader by the readers themselves."

Patricia C. Wrede, Making an Impact.


  1. I liked this! I'm all for people filling in the blanks.
    BTW, I like your new background!

  2. Love true. I also try and remember this when writing -- we always want to tell the reader everything and it's not necessary.

  3. This is so true, but hard to do! I'm always afraid I'll leave out the important thing. My critique partners often have to remind me to trust my readers and not hammer them over the head :)

  4. Good points! My problem is that I rush through my scenes rather than delve into things enough.


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