Friday, November 4, 2011

Cool Blog Quote: Be Unpredictable

I'm always hoping to write a book that the reader just can't put down. James Scott Bell has some great tips in his post, What Makes a Novel a Page Turner? This quote sticks in my mind:

"...there is one thing your story absolutely cannot be, and that is predictable."
Think about that last section you wrote. Is it what your reader would expect? Maybe you need to change it up a little. Because if your writing is too predictable, chances are, you won't be creating that fresh, original work that agents and publishers are looking for.
Do you have any tips for how to keep from being too predictable in your writing?


  1. I agree! I love stories that surprise me!

  2. This is so true. One trick I've heard is from Bruce Coville. He says you should always think to the 20th idea. He was talking about character, but I think it applies to plot maybe even more. The first 10 ideas are the ones everyone will think of. The teens are better, but still not the best. You have to get to number 20 before you're breaking fresh ground!


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