Friday, September 9, 2011

Writing Through the Back-to-School Chaos

Yay, Friday! This first week back to school has been exhausting. But it feels good to get back into a routine.  Every fall, there are new classes, new schedules, new things to shop for -- so much new it can feel overwhelming.

Since Wednesday, my goal for the week has been to actually use the writing time I blocked out for WRITING.

Three days isn't much but I did it. Getting back to writing feels comfortable and familiar, and it counteracts some of the beginning-of-the-school-year chaos. It's definitely something to feel good about.

Oh yeah, and I also treated myself to some expensive cheese and a new turquoise purse (my inner celebration of getting back on track).

What did you feel good about this week? Did you have any writing goals?


  1. I felt good about my ideas for my book.
    Congrats on getting back on track. Rewarding yourself is a great idea.

  2. I finally tackled my daughter's bathroom and even though I dreaded cleaning it, I feel good now that it's done. Now I need to apply that same 'get 'er done' attitude to my writing. That's about the only goal I have with regards to my writing - to actually do it.

  3. I sent out the first batch of queries and finally got back to the blogosphere. Good for you for sticking to your writing time!

  4. It's so nice to get back into a writing routine now that school has started!

  5. You're better than me! I've let writing slide for a couple of weeks while I adjust to the new school schedule. My son is in 1st grade, so he's gone all day for the first time ever. You'd think I'd get more done, but I haven't. *sigh*

  6. E.R., sometimes when you have the whole day to yourself it does take time to adjust to having all that time. It's weird, but true.

    Way to go, Alison! I sent out some queries too.

    Tabitha, I love getting new ideas. Let's hope they keep coming.

    B.E., this summer I did a lot of cleaning, giving away and organizing. But the one thing I didn't get to was my youngest daughter's room. It's a disaster and something I dread. I like your attitude!

  7. Somehow the past few weeks I've had less time than usual. I thought I was going to gain HOURS with the girls back in school, but it just hasn't happened yet. Well, there's next week.


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