Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Good Things Giveaway Winner!

It's been such fun writing clues for the "mystery" book giveaway and giving away free books! I'm almost sorry to see it end. I'll have to do this again sometime. 

Did you guess? The title of mystery book #3 is: 

Flipped! by Wendelin Van Draanen

And, I know you're excited to find out who won. Well, by a random drawing, this time our winner is....

Jen Daiker!

I'm contacting Jen to let her know she's won. Sorry if your name didn't come up, but I hope you had fun playing.

For more fun and games, fellow blogger Susanna Hill is starting a game called "Would You Read It? Wednesday" that sounds like it will be fun. Tune in this Wednesday and check it out.

FYI, I'll be getting back to blogging as usual on Wednesday with a new post my series on The ABCs of Writing Middle Grade Fiction.


  1. It's been fun to read the clues and share your excitement to MG! Thanks so much for the copy of MOCKINGBIRD! It arrived in my mailbox last Thursday.

  2. Barbara, I'm so glad to hear you got your book! I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Thanks for posting about Would You Read It Wednesday! I hope some of the writers who follow your blog will want to join in!!!


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