Monday, December 20, 2010

Writing or Wrapping?

Christmas holidays can really derail your writing (or revising) plans! All that time off work that seemed to stretch ahead of me is quickly being filled up with shopping, baking, house cleaning and watching Christmas movies. My best tips for getting some writing work done:

1. Get up extra early to squeeze in a little time for writing when the house is quiet. Take advantage of the fact that everyone is staying up late to watch those once-a-year Christmas movies.

2. Send family members out with a long list of last minute gifts and say you have to stay home to finish tidying up. (More needles are going to fall off that tree anyway, so who will know what you've really been doing?)

3. Lock yourself in a room to "wrap gifts" for an hour or so. (Wrapping, writing, what's the difference? Those small pieces of leftover giftwrap are great for jotting plot notes.)

How are you keeping on track with the big day getting so close?


  1. This is good advice, especially the getting up early one. I know i always start holidays with the best of intentions, but often am derailed, lol.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. I've been putting off wrapping until the last minute! :)

  3. I ALWAYS put off wrapping until the eleventh hour, but maybe if I can work it into a sneaky way to get some writing done I should change my tune! Honestly, when the holidays arrive, I just try to remain calm about the fact that both writing and exercise are going to take a hit and comfort myself with the knowledge that I'll get back on track when the kids go back to school in January :)

  4. Susanna, that's a great attitude. Then if you do manage to get some time to write, it's a lovely gift.

    Angela, I managed a tiny bit of work today, but only by getting up extra early!

    Well, Laura, maybe you'll get some last minute writing in, too. Let's hope so!

  5. This year Christmas prep has gone SO smoothly. I think it's because I bought more than half our gifts online. And I started wrapping right away. I HATE wrapping so it helps me to do it little by little. But it was years ago when I figured out how much time I could save by not baking. So I use Christmas as a time to try a special dessert or two rather than baking a ton of cookies.


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