Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Does Your Writing Challenge You?

I'm still working on my two novels, but I'm at different places in their progress. With Novel B, which I've been calling "Bubble Story", I'm still working out a rough plot outline. This might be the one that I come back to later. It has some exciting elements, but I still haven't worked out how the story will come together without being too predictable. It might be a story that I need to start writing before I can see the ending.

Novel A, "Cooking Story", is really tugging at my brain. I'm working on Chapter 2, and enjoying getting to know my main character. My progress is slow. I only write part of a chapter or scene each day, but it's hard to break away when my writing time is up. This one is completely outlined, including the ending, because I'm hoping to eliminate many major plot revisions. (Of course, I'm sure I'll still have some.)

Both of these stories are different from the other novels I've written, which is great because I like to be challenged. I think that's why my plots always get too complicated! As if writing a whole novel isn't challenging enough. Both novels involve a MC that is cut off from mainstream society in some way, and both are lacking something that creates an obstacle for them (maybe that's really me, missing something in my writing).


  1. Your novels sound interesting. I love MC characters that are "unique."

    As for Novel B, yes you may find that you have to write "into" the story to figure out how it will go -- this is what helped me with my current project. By doing this, you will come up with something better than expected.

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Karen. I'd love to come up with something surprising for Novel B, since I like the scenario and the characters. Maybe I only have enough creative energy for one of them right now.

  3. Doing two novels at once is tough. I think if I were a full time writer (in my dreams!), I'd work on two novels. A novel in the first draft stages in the morning when I'm fresh and a editing stage novel in the afternoon. Then blogging and networking at night. See, I've got it all figured out. Now I just need to win a million dollars so I can support the fam while I do this. :-)

  4. Great plan, Christy! Since I don't teach in the summer, I'm doing a lot of writing now, and hope to work on revisions then.


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