Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Five Things I've Learned from my Work-in-Progress

1. It's hard to find a setting without some form of modern technology.

2. Mom was right -- those blue berries on the plants we saw on nature walks when I was a kid? Not edible.

3. Telling a story from the point of view of 2 characters (alternating chapters)  puts constraints on the plot that I didn't expect.

4. I need to come up with more creative ways to show the passage of time.

5. There are not enough synonyms for the word "look".

Have you learned anything from your current project?


  1. The modern technology thing is tough because kids use it so much and it's becoming a huge part of our lives. That's tricky for me.

  2. Those are great observations. What colour blue are the berries? Since traditional blueberries are rather edible.

    For #1: write historicals to avoid modern technology.

    I agree with #5!

  3. Definitely not blueberries, Elle, though there were lots of those too, up in Northern Ontario where I grew up.

    I've never tried writing in different time periods - possibly I'm scared away by all the research necessary! It takes me a long time to write a novel set in the present day - I can't even imagine how much longer it would take ne to write a historical novel.

  4. You have a fun way of looking at your craft, Andrea. I had the same problem with time references since my book is set well before the invention of clocks and watches. The passage of the sun, moon, stars, guard changes and hourly gongs (within cities only) were all realistic options for me. All that said, it was still hard. ;D
    I've learned more on my own about China and Chinese history than anybody ever taught me in school.


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