Friday, January 22, 2010

My Brain Has Been Taken Over by Aliens

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and that doesn’t usually work to my advantage when it comes to my writing. For me, a tired brain usually leads to a day that’s devoid of writing ideas. Or words that come out stilted and are extraneous to the story, like a long, unproductive detour. But strangely, yesterday I got an idea for a picture book. And not just an idea – I had whole phrases, vivid visual images, and a full-blown character. It spilled out as I was driving (fortunately my daughter didn’t mind being a note-taker) and later, refused to let me sleep again.

It’s almost scary the way the writing part of the brain takes over your mind when you least expect it.


  1. I sometimes wake up writing in my head. I've also started taking paper and pen into the bathroom with me because I tend to get "ah-ha" moments while I'm in the bathtub.

    Can't wait to hear what the picture book is about...aliens, right? LOL

  2. I love your blog! I'm so impressed with your 100 Children's Book Challenge!

  3. Thanks, Christy. I hope I can finish it! I figure if I get behind, the summer will be a great time to catch up.

    Carmella, I used to get some of my best ideas in the shower. They should make waterproof paper.


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