Thursday, November 30, 2023

3 in 3 (and tea) Episode #4

It's time for another episode of 3 in 3 (and tea) with Debbie Ridpath Ohi and me!  We feature 3 children’s books by Canadian authors and/or illustrators and share a few tips and resources for using them in the classroom. 

In Episode 4, we explore a picture book and a middle grade novel about girls taking on new challenges, and a bonus middle grade novel with a touch of bling! (If you want to catch up on other episodes, you can find them on Debbie's 3 in 3 playlist -- or click here: Episode 1Episode 2, Episode 3). After you watch the video, click on the titles or book covers below to find out more about the books and a few teaching ideas. 

Picture Book:

Girl in hockey gear head on with hockey stick and puck

   Lucy learns a new sport and a little about being brave and the importance of practice. With lots of hockey vocabulary, this story will inspire kids to talk about their own adventures with one of Canada's traditional sports. 

Learn about the book creators:

Author: Lisa Bowes 🍁

Illustrator: James Hearne🍁

Visit the publisher:

Orca Books🍁

Activities & resources HERE.

Middle Grade:

Nervous looking red haired girl facing a counter with two cakes and a movie "action' sign bearing the author's namer

Alice Fleck's Recipes for Disaster


 Summary: Alice tries a new experience when she enters a Victorian cooking show with her dad. She soon finds out someone is sabotaging the contest and has a mystery to solve with her new friends. A fun and tasty read with lots of learning about friends and family relationships.

Visit the author online:

Rachelle Delaney 🍁  

Visit the illustrator:

Morgan Goble 🍁

Visit the publisher:

Tundra Books/Puffin Canada 🍁


Activities & resources HERE.


Bonus Middle Grade Novel:

 Nikki Tesla and her friends have a mystery to solve and it involves a mysterious ring. I love the way this story blends science with action and a cast of characters that all have their own special skills.

Visit the author:

Jess Keating🍁 

Check out the illustrator:

Lissy Marlin

Visit the Publisher:


Activities & resources HERE.


**Want to know more about Canadian author/illustrator Debbie Ohi? Visit her website where you'll find lots of great downloads for teachers!

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  1. All of these books sound great. Love reading about kids trying something new! Thanks for sharing. :)


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