Monday, March 1, 2021


I can’t believe I missed this one when it came out! It was a really absorbing read. 

Why you want to read this book…

 The writer did a wonderful job of making Charlotte and the other characters feel real. I liked the way Charlotte thought about the connection between her own life and the historical articles she was reading. 

Even though I am a fan of the “Little House” books and really enjoyed them, I am aware of how problematic they are, and it was great to see some of the bias and facts being carefully woven into the story. I also liked the way Charlotte’s teacher challenged and encouraged her.


 Here’s the summary from the publisher:

 A life on the prairie is not all its cracked up to be for one girl whose mom takes her love of the Little House series just a bit too far.

 Charlotte’s mom has just moved the family across the country to live in Walnut Grove, “childhood home of pioneer author Laura Ingalls Wilder.” Mom’s idea is that the spirit of Laura Ingalls will help her write a bestselling book. But Charlotte knows better: Walnut Grove is just another town where Mom can avoid responsibility. And this place is worse than everywhere else the family has lived—it’s freezing in the winter, it’s small with nothing to do, and the people talk about Laura Ingalls all the time. Charlotte’s convinced her family will not be able to make a life on the prairie—until the spirit of Laura Ingalls starts getting to her, too.

Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My Life by Shelley Tougas was published by Roaring Brook Press in 2017. I read an e-version from my local public library.


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  1. What a clever title. Will have to get a copy. I'm glad that the story points out some of the truths about life on the prairie. Yes it was cold in that part of the country, but there was a lot of prejudice at that time. This would pair nicely with Linda Sue Park's The Prairie Lotus.

  2. Interesting premise. Not sure if it's my cup of tea as they say. I'll alert my sister who is a big Laura Ingalls fan. Thanks for featuring on MMGM.

  3. This sounds like a fun idea for a book. I'm from that part of the country, so I would probably relate to the weather issues. Thanks for telling me about this one. I will try to check it out.

  4. What a fun and unique book premise—I feel like an enormous range of readers could enjoy this book! I appreciate the acknowledgment of Wilder's flaws in her writing. Thanks for the great review!

  5. I never read the Laura Ingalls books. This sounds like an interesting book about living on the prairie. Not many books set there.

  6. This sounds like a neat book. I didn't know about it until now. I'll have to check it out.

  7. I was a big fan of Little House growing up (books and the show). I am glad the book points out the bias in the books too. This sounds like a good read and one I will be looking for now. :)


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