Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Recommendations for Readers Aged 9 to 12

I don’t have one Marvelous Middle Grade Monday feature for you today. Instead, I have a few middle grade book recommendations from my reads this year, in case you’re looking for a gift. I'll be taking a week or two off from featuring books, while I enjoy the holidays and work on my own writing.

For kids who love animals and especially zoos:

For kids who like books about wilderness adventures and survival:

 Stories that take place at a different time in history:

About friendship:

 For kids who enjoy emotional stories about overcoming personal challenges:

Just for fun adventures and mysteries:

What were your favorite middle grade reads this year? I'm always looking for more good books to read and welcome your recommendations!


  1. Thanks for all the book suggestions. I'm going to remember this for my niece and nephew.

  2. Thanks, Andrea! This is a perfect starting point as I choose a book for my daughter. :)

  3. You've read a lot! Great selection. For wilderness adventure and survival, I also loved SURVIVING BEAR ISLAND by Paul Greci. BOOK SCAVENGER by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman is a really fun read.

    Enjoy your time off from blogging and happy holidays!


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