Thursday, September 24, 2015

Podcast Picks for Writers - September 2015 (including podcasts with Laura Backes, Katherine Applegate, and some great info on pacing)

Since I missed posting my podcast picks for August, I’m including a couple of extra ones today.

How Do I Control the Reader’s Sense of Progress? – Writing Excuses Episode 10.24


The Writings Excuses crew divided the concept of pacing into two parts, “sense of progress” and passage of time. “We discuss the tools we use, some of which are very mechanical (scene breaks, chapter breaks) and some of which are quite intricate, and require finesse to get right.”

My thoughts:
Such useful discussions on a hard-to-get right aspect of fiction writing. I will be listening to these more than once.

What’s So Great About the 500 Word Picture Book? An Interview with Laura Backes – Brain Burps About Books Episode #241

Katie and Laura discuss The Picture Book Summit, how Laura became an editor, what it’s like to write a rejection letter, why age is an advantage in your writing, and how picture book readers are more sophisticated today than in the past, among other things.

My thoughts:
I’ve heard a lot about Laura Backes and I was happy to learn more about her and her career. I was especially interested in her insights as to why editors prefer shorter picture books at present and what children experience when reading shorter picture books.

Laura Backes: “…shorter texts lend themselves to more sophisticated stories.”

John Corey Whaley– This Creative Life Episode 45


Charlie Kaufman and Sufjan Stevens, inspiration vs. discipline, being “Corey” vs. being “author John Corey Whaley”, the upside of being a process-hacker, the difference between normal jobs and writing, imposter syndrome, movies, identity crises, and why we write and the fear of losing it. Yes, John Corey Whaley and I covered it all in this episode of This Creative Life! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did – I think you will.

My thoughts:

I found this conversation really interesting, especially the discussion about how his “follow up book” didn’t turn out to be the right one for publication.

John Corey Whaley: “Sometimes a writer needs to write something for him or herself.”

Katherine Applegate – Let’s Get Busy Episode 190


Katherine Applegate (@kaaauthor), author most recently of Crenshaw, published by Feiwell and Friends (@FeiwelFriends), and recipient of the Newbery Award in 2013 for The One and Only Ivan, stops by to talk about considering sound more than plot, a sophisticated and charming way to deal with things, and finding just the right word.

My thoughts:
I'm a big fan of Katherine Applegate's books, so I enjoyed hearing her talk about writing and especially her recent middle grade novel, Crenshaw. I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to doing that soon.

Katherine Applegate: “I loved…just finding the right word.”

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