Thursday, July 30, 2015

Podcast Picks for Children's Writers July 2015 - Social media tips + writing non-fiction

Social Media Tips for Writers with Frances Caballo – The Creative Penn Episode Episode #225


I learned a ton of new stuff about social media in this interview with Frances Caballo from

My thoughts:

Probably one of the most useful podcasts I’ve ever listened to!! 

Lots of great information here about using social media, no matter what level of experience you have. Afterward, I immediately checked out Frances Caballo’s blog. I really love that this is geared specifically for writers. I also noticed that she has her own podcast for writers.

Frances Caballo: "So images are really important and because we have a short attention span, images are easier to absorb than text."

In case you don’t have time to download the podcast, The Creative Penn always posts a transcript – very useful in this case for finding all the resources Frances mentions.

Miranda Paul: The Long Journey of Storymaking - The Picturebooking Podcast Episode #31


Miranda Paul is an author of two amazing new non-fiction picture books (ONE PLASTIC BAG and WATER IS WATER). She is also doing some amazing work for children’s literature through SCBWI, and We Need Diverse Books.

My thoughts:

Hearing Miranda Paul talk about her books with host Nick Patton left me inspired to think about my own writing goals. It was so interesting how her books have developed from her own experiences and philosophy about life. I especially enjoyed listening to her read a short excerpt from her book WATER IS WATER. It reminded me of how fun it is to come up with new angles for traditional subjects, in this case, the water cycle. 

The excerpt also convinced me that her book would be a great addition to my classroom library!

On a side note, I have used Miranda's and found it very useful for finding out about strengths and weaknesses of my manuscripts.

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