Thursday, May 8, 2014

Podcasts for Writers: Booksellers Picks for Great Children's Books

I've recently been listening to the Great Kids, Great Reads podcast, hosted by Kevin Sylvester (author of the much-loved Neil Flambe series of middle grade books).

Great Kids, Great Reads features booksellers talking about some of their must-read children's books, including picture books, middle grade and YA. I found the booksellers' perspectives really interesting. They give some insights as to why some books might appeal to readers and who the target readers are for specific books.

Only a few books are featured on each podcast, so it's a great length for listening to on a short walk or drive (or while washing your kitchen floor). The podcasts are organized by themes. A recent episode I listened to was all about books touching on mental health issues.

You can find out more about this podcast at their Facebook page. They also list the books they've featured.

The archived podcasts are available on the Great Kids, Great Reads website.

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  1. Adding these podcasts to my schedule. Thanks for sharing!


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