Friday, February 22, 2013

The Anticipation of a Good Book

One of the things that thrills me about reading is looking forward to opening a book and finding a new story or character to love. My night table and its too-tall book stack is like a treasure chest of experiences and I get to pick the treasure I want right now. But I also have all the other treasures waiting for me, whenever I'm ready.

So how exciting was it to get a package today with FOUR books that I've been looking forward to experiencing. It's hard to know where to start!

 My 13-year-old scooped up The Runaway King right away (I'll have to pry it out of her hands later), but I have three others to choose from. I've already read Legend and See You At Harry's, but I wanted my own copies so I can re-read them anytime. I'm also excited to explore the illustrations in The Bird King, especially after hearing Shaun Tan speak at SCBWI-NY.

 Sorry, iPad. Tonight is all about holding a good book in my hands.

I think if I ever get a novel published, one of the best "reviews" I could get would be to hear that someone loves my book so much just signing it out from the library isn't good enough. They need to have their own copy to enjoy over and over again.

Of course, I'm not yet in the position where I have to worry about people reviewing my novels. But in case you are, over at MiG Writers, Carmella Van Vleet has ten sensible tips for how to keep cool when your reviews come out in Dealing with Reviews. It strikes me that these tips are also pretty good for any circumstances when you have to put your writing out there for someone to give an opinion on.

Do you have a good book to sink into this weekend? Happy reading!


  1. Ooh, can't wait to order The Runaway King. I have a few books ahead of it though. I'm reading Unravel Me now.

  2. I'm finally reading The False Prince! Just in time for book 2 to come out.

  3. All four look great! I'm looking forward to reading The Runaway King :) Thanks for the link!

  4. I haven't read any of these- but they look good. I love holding a book in my hand. This weekend I hope to read The Secret Tree. Happy reading. :)

  5. Oh, I've run into a rash of good books lately! Most recent was The Apothecary which I really loved, but I think it's YA instead of MG.

  6. Oh, The Runaway King! Must get my hands on that one. And is the sequel to Legend out yet? Shaun Tan: brilliant, genius, amazing, and isn't he a great speaker, too?

    Given that you have such excellent taste, I think I'd better check out See You At Harry's, which I haven't heard of.


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