Friday, August 31, 2012

Books for Babies = Fun to Write

Guess what I got in the mail this week? My author copies of the books for babies I wrote last year for Woonjin Think Big Company in Korea. It's so exciting to see the final versions with the illustrations!

It was a lot of fun to remember back to the experiences I had with my children when they were little and try to put a twist on them. Or to use my memories to create something entirely different and new.

One of the challenges in writing books for children learning English is to include simple phrases and words but also to create an entertaining story.

Have you ever written any stories for very young children?


  1. How exciting Andrea. I did write a few books for my daughter and laminated them with pictures of her. You're right, it is fun. Your books look awesome!

    1. Thanks, Natalie. I wrote lots of little books for my daughters when they were small, too. But I never thought of laminating them! Your daughter will cherish them.

  2. Hi Andrea
    How very exciting to have so many excellent books available for children. I write a fantasy series for children that I self pub. At the moment I only have one available due to health issues last year, but I'm working on several now.


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