Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday Fun: Stuff I've Found This Week

Is it me or did this week seem to drag on longer than usual? I think one of the hardest weeks of the year is the first week back after the holiday break. Here are a few interesting things I came across this week:

1. In an interview for the Globe and Mail, Daniel Handler, author of Why We Broke Up and the Lemony Snicket series, says he thinks adults have always found children's literature appealing. "What happened with Harry Potter is that people started to admit it."

 But maybe it depends on the book format (see the comments on Adults Reading Children's Books?) Commenter Karen Strong says, "This is why I love reading on my e-reader because now people don't know!"

2. Have you heard these podcasts by Katie Davis? I just discovered them! Now I have something else to listen to while I'm mopping the floors. I'm always looking for more good writing or children's lit related podcasts.

3. Snow! After a weirdly rainy winter so far, we finally got a little snow. My kids were hoping for a snow day, but the grass isn't even covered yet.

4. Dog duvets that let you recycle old blankets -- I'm definitely getting one of these for my dog!

Hope you had a great (and productive) week!


  1. Thanks for the interesting links! Hope you get more snow (if you want it) :)

  2. I first found out about Katie Davis at the 2010 Rutgers One-on-One. She is fabulous! :)

    Hope you get some rest this weekend.


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