Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Would You Do With A Whole Day to Write?

Okay, this is my Monday post, even though it's Tuesday. I'm blaming the lapse on my writing brain. I was stuck in my story world all weekend, which made it hard to get back into the routines of the week (that's my excuse, anyway).

This weekend, I had a mini writing retreat -- the house all to myself for a whole day. Even though I try to stick to a regular writing schedule and work on my writing for an hour or so every day, sometimes it's nice to have a longer block of time.

I took the opportunity to try out a different ending for my novel. Since it involved making small changes at several different places throughout the story, I really appreciated having the time to actually make the changes, rather than making notes on them.

Have you ever given yourself a "writing retreat"? Did you actually use the time for writing?

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  1. When I haven't had a sub job, I'll written from about 9-1. Then I usually have lunch and shower. I can't do much than 3 or 4 hours before I burn out. After that, it's typo city.

    How wonderful you had a writing retreat!

  2. How nice to have a whole day to work on your project.

    I have a short attention span so when I have a whole day, I usually spend only half of it writing and then the other reading a good book. :)

  3. I was alone in the house this weekend for 2 days. And yes, I took advantage of it. But I can't revise for that many hours in a row. So I did take breaks to clean and run. And at night I ended up reading b/c I was too tired to revise.

  4. From time to time I'll spend an entire day writing. It hurts my back and my eyes to sit so long in front of the computer, but I love seeing my progress at the end of the day.

  5. I've often fantasised about creating a writer's retreat for myself. Maybe even having a little caravan some day... It's lovely to hear you made such good use of your day!

  6. Yeah, as Medeia pointed out, writing for long stretches can give you a bit of a backache if you don't get up and move around. I did some gardening, in between sections on my book. But I was pretty tired the next day!

    Breaking it up with some reading as Karen suggests sounds like a perfect day (add in some great snacks, of course).

  7. I have given myself a writing retreat before. It is usually hard for me to get settled down and get in the writing groove, but once I do, time becomes irrelevant.


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