Monday, August 2, 2010

August Blog Break

Wow, the summer is already half over! I'm pleased to have finished revising my novel, though I hope to revise a second before the end of the summer. I also plan to have a little summer fun! But because it's so busy, I'm going to be taking a "blog break" until near the end of August. So, I'll look forward to catching up with you and all the great blogs out there in a few weeks.

If you're looking for some interesting reading in the meantime, check out some of our great posts over at MiG Writers.


  1. Have a good break Andrea! Good luck on the revisions and hope you get in some summer fun as well.

  2. I've been taking a blog break without meaning to. I have just been so busy! I like the colors you have on your blog.

  3. Andrea, to help with your summer fun, go over to my blog—I've got an award for you!

  4. Have a great blog break! And I met fellow MiG author Debbie Ohi at the SCBWI conference - she's wonderful! :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts! I think I got in more summer fun than revisions (a good thing).

    Andrea V. -- thanks for the award. You're sweet to think of me.

    Susan, Debbie is an amazing critique partner, though we have yet to meet in person (hope to soon).


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