Thursday, May 13, 2010

Having Faith

“…faith was believing what you could not see, and pressing on until you could see it.”
K.L. Going, The Liberation of Gabriel King

This quote captures a lot of what I think about writing. You have to believe that the end result will be great, even though all you’ve got to go on are your ideas and, if you’re lucky, a shimmery vision of the story. And you have to keep going—sweating and crying and lying awake at night thinking about those words and how to put them together into something like that early glimpse. You have to believe that one day you’ll see a finished story.

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  1. Yes, we really write on faith. Of course, people pursue other goals by faith, too, but few pursuits ask so much while promising basically nothing. After their long, hard road, few med students, for example, have to fear that they will NOT be able to practice whatever specialty they've trained for. But we must live on faith all the way -- that we can write it right, get it published, and then do it all again.


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